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RiSC is a 20-year old company offering comprehensive networking solutions, both hardware and software, that will produce the greatest scalability and increased productivity; helping our customers meet their specific demands. We always strive to stay ahead of the competition.

RiSC has an extremely knowledgeable team of professionals, a highly ethical attitude and offers competitive pricing to our customers led by a strong and seasoned management team with deep experience in networking and security.

Our service delivery approach is unique in that we attempt to understand and provide solutions to our client's technology challenges in the networking arena, and not simply sell, install, and leave.

Competencies in many areas give RiSC a unique position in this fast-paced growing industry. RiSC has gained it's high reputation from its visionary co-founding partners.



Mile Stone:

  • 1995: Unix and Novell Support
  • 1996 :Third Party support and training
  • 1997: Networking solutions
  • 1997: ZyXEL distributer in Jordan
  • 1999: PLANET Reseller
  • 2001: Network Appliance Reseller
  • 2003: PCE UPS Reseller
  • 2004: FORTINET Reseller
  • 2008: Kaspersky Reseller
  • 2010 :Cisco Reseller
  • 2010 : NEXSAN Reseller
  • 2010: DT Research Reseller
  • 2011 R&M reseller
  • 2011 INFORM (Legrand) UPS Systems Reseller
  • 2012 Aeroflex distributer



Why RiSC?

RiSC  is a data networking, Internet access and telecom specialist.

RiSC  has 20 years of successful operation in Jordan.

RiSC  has the spirit and potential to run the last mile.

RiSC  has a distinguished technology mix and fast technology follow-up.

RiSC  is an expert in providing cost effective, tested and professional networking solutions for SMB and large business.

RiSC  has well established & solid links with well-known International suppliers.

RiSC  has a large client list throughout the country.

RiSC  has more than 20 years experienced professional working co-founders at backbone.

  • Amman,Jordan
  • +962-6-5652003
  • +962-6-5639703
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  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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