ZyXEL Enables High-Performance Wi-Fi in High-Density,
Interference-Prone Wireless Environments with WAC6500

ZyXEL debuts a new Smart Antenna Wi-Fi Access Point (AP), the WAC6500 Series, to deliver gigabit wireless with extensive coverage, capacity, and exceptional interference resistance, thanks to the built-in smart antenna which doubles the performance of a conventional antenna. Enabling more users to connect simultaneously, the WAC6500 delivers high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity even in the most congested of environments, ideal for hotels, schools, large enterprises and many more places where high-performance wireless is essential for business or operation.

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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business provides a full suite of endpoint security features in one easy-to-manage application. With this product deployed, administrators can ensure endpoints are protected from malware, as well as perform a host of functions, such as patch and systems management, encryption of both files and whole disks, and application control. Furthermore, this tool features mobile device management and security capabilities. All this functionality can be driven from a single management console that is well integrated with the existing enterprise infrastructure.

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Fortinet FortiSandbox Catches Zero-Day Threats

In today’s cyber security landscape, what you can’t detect can hurt you; with highly targeted and tailored attacks increasingly bypassing traditional security defenses disguised as innocuous files constantly exchanged in an organization’s day-to-day workflow. 

Combatting these advanced threats, Fortinet’s FortiSandbox enhances its independently rated and NSS Labs Recommended 99% breach detection rating with new features that scan more file types including Microsoft Office, PDFs, Internet Explorer, web URLs, shared file repositories and can even unzip and scan archived files so IT departments have confidence that they are protected from malicious code no matter where it tries to hide.

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